Families living with nutrient-insecurity are often forced to purchase the lowest nutritional value foods due to the low cost of those foods. Although low cost foods are appealing, they happen to be processed with additives and chemicals, some of which are linked to diminished learning capacity and behavior challenges in children, as well as being associated with chronic disease states later in life, such as obesity and diabetes. 

Nourish increases access to nutrient-dense foods for our members at wholesale prices. Nourish offers themed grocery bags at 25-50% off normal wholesale prices. We will maintain the lowest prices we are able to while remaining fiscally responsible, with the end goal of providing our members with a clear path to restoration and resilience.

Nourish provides:

  • An online shopping platform at prices 25-50% below their wholesale costs.
  • An educational series that will empower families to cook nourishing and culturally familiar meals at home.
  • Nourish has been granted additional funds to ease the transition in the year of Covid from Relief to Recovery, with the longer-term goal of our community’s settling into Restoration/Resilience

Nourish increases access to high nutritional foods, more whole in their nature and lower in processing, to truly nourish the families in our community.  

To become a member, we ask that members read and adhere to our simple participation agreement. Nourish believes this program is most successful when members take part in as much as they are able. Member’s participation will include, but is not limited to the following: 

  • I agree to place a minimum order of one (1) bag per month
    • Order must be placed through the online platform, www.nourishevv.org by 3 PM every other Tuesday of each month.
    • Nourish Staff will be available for assistance with ordering
  • I agree to pick up purchased food bags and boxes every other Thursday afternoon between 4 – 5:30 PM at Trinity Church, 216 SE 3rd St, Evansville 47713; at the 3rd St entrance between Chestnut and Walnut Streets
  • I agree that food purchased will be for my own immediate family
    • Maximum of two orders of each food box is allowed every other week 
  • Participating in Nourish includes attending quarterly Education and Cooking classes. While these classes are not required, they are encouraged. Incentive points will be given for attendance which can be used to “buy” kitchen tools, and to be entered into quarterly drawings for small kitchen appliances. Recyclable food bags returned at each food pick up will add incentive points as well.
  • Participating in Nourish includes occasional surveys to provide feedback to Nourish staff and volunteers. Your important feedback and assessment of our program quality will be used in our pursuit of excellence and to serve future program participants. Incentive points will be awarded for completed surveys.


  • I agree that if I miss ordering one bag per month without giving adequate notice, my Nourish membership will be discontinued.
  • Non-participation, in the form of missing three (3) ordering and/or food pick-up sessions without adequate notification, will be cause for dismissal from the program.